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IBC Paper Training launches new website

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Simon Matthis - 16 maj 2018

IBC Paper Training delivers innovative technical training in the Pulp, Paper and Tissue sector, at "Expertise" and "Operator" levels, in French and English.

Focused a lot on e-learning tools and digitalization, IBC offers to clients from all over the world 3 main categories of training: generic e-learning, tailor made training and web series, providing certifications such as the CQP. 

1. The generic e-learning gives you the opportunity to train yourself and your staff at your workplace, through online modules combining interactions, scenarios, videos and 2D/3D animations.

2. The tailor made training is developed and adapted according to your needs, your process and the level of requirements of the job, and is perfect for training groups of machine operators.

3. The web series help you deepen your knowledge and innovate, by accessing Live or via Streaming presentations of experts, in ENGLISH, on all types of optimization themes in papermaking.